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Mia is an ancient dice game played with two oblong dice, bearing numbers 1 and 2 on their smallest faces, making the 21 combination (also called Mia) one of the hardest to roll. There is no limit to the number of players. To play Mia, you need 2 dice, a pot with a lid and minimum 2 players. Each player starts with a set number of points.

A score is called by reading the numbers on the dice, starting with the highest. If you roll a 4 and a 6 you will call neither 10, 24 nor 46, but 64. Here are all possible scores, starting with the highest :
21 (Mia) > 11 > 22 > 33 > 44 > 55 > 66 > 65 > 64 > 63 > 62 > 61 > 54 > 53 > 52 > 51 > 43 > 42 > 41 > 32

How is the game played : The first player shakes the dice, looks at them and calls a score. Then he passes the pot to the next who must call higher. Each player can choose to trust the called score or to doubt it, in which case he can open the lid and verify. Or else he shakes the pot without looking at the dice and check his own result. If it is higher than the previous call, the player can call his own score. He can also call lower than the reality, as long as the score called is higher than the previous one. If the dice show a lower result, the player must bluff to call higher. Then the pot is passed on to the next player who will have to beat the score called or see through the bluff. If a player accuses the previous one of lying his score up, and the dice show it, the liar will lose a point. If the accuser sees that there was no bluff, or that the liar called lower than reality, the accuser will lose a point. A player may also trust the call, repeat it and pass the pot on without looking, in which case the next player will have the choice to trust and pass on, to trust and beat it, or accuse the previous player of bluffing. If the pot has passed in the hands of all players without any score increase, the one who rolled the call must absolutely call higher, whether it be by rolling the dice and beat the score, or by calling higher without rolling the dice because the player knows what score is inside the pot. If a Mia is passed that way and comes back to the one who rolled it, the player wins and starts a new game. When a player loses a point, the pot comes back to the previous player who starts a new game. A player who has lost all his points is out of the game. The game can go on until there's only one player left.

Example (3 players with 3 points each) : The first player, let's call him Olaf, shakes the pot, lifts the lid and calls a low score, 43. Then he hands the pot to the next player, Sturla, who has no reason to think Olaf has lied. Without looking in the pot, he shakes it ans checks his score : a very low 32. He has to call higher and bluffs, calling 51 before handing out the pot to the third player, Thormod. Again, he trusts the score called by Sturla and shakes the pot. After checking his dice, he calls double 6 and passes on to Olaf. He is a little distrustful, things are going too smoothly for his own taste. He calls Thormod a liar and opens the lid to discover the score was indeed 66. Olaf loses a point and hands the pot back to Thormod who starts again. He plays and calls 53, passes it to Olaf who trusts and plays. He rolls and calls 64, passes the dice to Sturla who trusts again. Sturla rolls and scores a Mia, 21. Amused, he calls just lower, double 1. Thormod takes his turn, thinks the score is realistic, trusts and hands the box to Olaf without shaking it, repeating double 1. Olaf thinks he can trap Sturla by giving him his pot as is, validating the called double 1 : he is sure Sturla will have to roll a Mia to get away, or bluff and get easily accused. What he didn't expect, is that Sturla doesn't shake the box and calls Mia. Thormod is sure he is bluffing, accuses Sturla and loses a point, as there was Mia inside. Sturla takes the box again, rolls the dice and calls 52. Thormod validates the score, plays and gets a 42. He bluffs and calls 54. Olaf saw the disappointed look on his buddy's face when he opened the lid and calls him a liar. Olaf opens the pot and sees the 42. Thormod loses another point. Sturla plays again and calls double 3. Thormod fears he cannot beat it, sniffs out a trap and checks the contents of the pot. Sturla had rolled double 2 and bluffed down. Thormod loses his last point and is out of the game.

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