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Fenrir is our 6,5 meters long "tre roms Nordlandsbåt" (traditional three-oared Nordland's boat), built in Rognan, Norway, that we use as a small viking ship that could have been used for coastal trading in the ninth century. This boat has sailed and rowed along the Norwegian coast to Northern Ireland, through the Scottish Caledonian canal in a 5 months long trip. You can read about the ship and her crew's adventures on Dreams of Sagas.

Fenrir Fenrir Fenrir Fenrir Fenrir Fenrir


We have built three tents, in the crossed wood type, with a linen canvas, the base of which is 4m x 3m; one of the tents has an entirely hand-sewn canvas. The tents are designed so that they also serve as a shop, with a liftable side to shelter our customers and our wares from both sun and light rain. An awning can be added to link the main structures and offers extra sheltered room.

Tents Tents Tents Tents Tents Tents


We own all the furniture necessary to hold a camp with decent comfort conditions. This equipment consists of tables, chairs, chests, fur bedding, stands and displays for wares, ...

Bedding High-chair and chest Jewellery stand Ware stands


We have assembled our costumes with great respect for the fabrics, cut and colours available from the IXth century in Northern Europe. The seams are entirely hand-made. Our clothing accessories are hand-crafted with the highest care.

Solveig and Ingunn Ingunn and Ketill Aasmund Ketill Aasmund Solveig


In order to faithfully reenact the Viking way of life, we have lots of accessories for the everyday life, such as a kitchen set (with tripod, grate for fire-cooking, cauldron, wooden dishes, ...) Wooden skis and a sledge are also part of our equipement for our winter camps.

Dishes Tools Kitchen equipment Cooking grate
Skis Sledge Spear Shields
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