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Around Fenrir

The Viking reenactment group "Around Fenrir" is glad to welcome you on its web page.

We are a small team based in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and we share a passion for reenacting this gone-by and often unrecognized period : the Viking Age. Our adventure as a group started back in 2003 with Fenrir's construction and journey, this event drew us together much with the help of chance and common friends. After the group's formation, we visitd lots of historical markets and festivals, together or separately, but we always keep the same spirit.

As reenactors, we always try to use objects and tools appropriate for the set period, and within the realm of our possibilities and reasonability, items made with the techniques used back then. Similarly, you will be able to watch us show and display historical craftsmanship at the various markets we attend.

As time goes by, the group's composition changed and we don't always attend the same events, as we also travel separately. Around Fenrir does not recruit new members.

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