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Aasmund is one of the last saddler craftsmen in French-speaking Switzerland and has been working the leather with traditional methods every day for years. Weapon and tool scabbards, bags, bracers, belts, cases for music instruments hold no secrets from him. You will find a link to his website in the shop.

Viking-style bag Viking-style bag and axe sheath Sword scabbard Knife scabbard Bracer with a viking design Leatherware


Ingunn has discovered the art of chainmail jewellery and viking knitting during a viking market in Denmark and has been expanding her knowledge and range of articles with lost-wax casting, among other techniques. Silver and bronze can be found in her shop, with necklaces and bracelets, pendants and earrings in chainmail, and reproductions of historical pieces such as Thor's hammers. Her website has a link in the shop.

Chainmail necklaces and bracelets Chainmail pendants and earrings, fingerrings Viking knitting Reproductions of historical jewels Pendants with teeth and claws Needlecase

Horn- and bonework

Ingunn, Ketill and Aasmund also work on bone, horn and antler, to adorn drinking or blowing horns, to chisel tools for weaving or kitchenware, to create knife handles or jewellery.

Drinking horns (Ingunn) Horn weaving and sewing tools (Ingunn, Ketill) Horn spoon (Ingunn) Bone belt buckle (Aasmund) Cachalot tooth knife handle (Aasmund) Reindeer antler sax handle (Aasmund)


The same craftspeople also like to engrave wood, to fabricate various objects and to decorate them, always with the viking idea that a useful object also has to be beautiful.

Ashwood skis (Aasmund, Ketill, Ingunn) Limewood chest (Ketill, Ingunn) Limewood jewellery stand (Ingunn) Beech- and pinewood spoons (Ingunn) Bogwood spoon (Aasmund) Beechwood spatula (Ingunn)


Ingunn makes tablet-woven bands, too, with natural and historically adequate fibers. On the camps, Ketill is also known for weaving with pleasure. In the textile department, we also make needlebinding (or nålbindning) which is used to create historical hats, socks and gloves.

Woollen bands (Ingunn, Ketill) Linen bands (Ingunn) Chain-stitch embroideries on wollen cape (Ingunn) Hand-spun wool hat with fox fur (Ingunn) Woollen gloves lined with rabbit fur (Ingunn) Woollen socks (Ingunn, Ketill)


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